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Enemy Of Reality - Where Truth May Lie (2023)

2023. március 16. - Jurancsik Eszter


A few years ago I saw a video on YouTube of a Greek girl singing Nightwish's Bless The Child. I got goosebumps immediately and looked up her work.

This girl was Iliana Tsakiraki, who started her career in Meden Agan and who is a classically trained singer.

She founded Enemy Of Reality in 2013 and the band has released three albums since then, the first being "Rejected Gods" in 2014, followed by 2016's "Arakhne" and "Where Truth May Lie" in February this year.

I was delighted to listen to the first two albums, so I had no doubt that the band would come up with another great album.

The album opens with Final Prayer, a song with an authentic symphonic base, a dramatic and compelling foundation for the rest of the songs. Two video clips of the album have been released so far, Serenade of Death and Downfall, which give an excellent indication of what listeners can expect. 

I wasn't disappointed this time either. Iliana, who grew up in Athens but comes from the island of Crete, boasts a music-loving family who have always supported her on the path she took as a little girl.

Greek mythology has a strong influence on the work of the band, and this album is no different. There is pain and doubt in the songs, but also hope and love of life. The singer's operatic voice and the passion she infuses into the songs takes symphonic metal to a new level. She sings the songs with total passion, every song has that raw power that keeps the album from fading out and becoming boring.


Of course, the rest of the band has done a great job, with heavy riffs and hard drum themes interspersed throughout the music, the symphonic parts harmonising well with Iliana's unique soprano voice and the keyboards blending in perfectly with the dramatic sound. One outstanding example of this harmony is in Tears of Echo, in which Iliana's aria-like parts even bring the dead to life, and if the sky were to fall, her voice can hold it. The listener can feel as if they are in ancient Greece, witnessing the stories.

The album is not lacking in more bouncy songs, such as Long-forgotten, which is sure to become a regular feature at concerts. Similarly dynamic are Deliverance and Goat-legged Deceiver. Baptised in Fire is the album's closing track, which rips your face off with explosive force, and the symphonic sections at the end bring the saga's chronicle to a close. Az amazing ending.

Iliana is able to embody the soul in pain, the struggle, the fury, the sensitivity and in fact all emotions at once. Once again, she has unlocked what is in the back of her throat, with that ancient power that could be called healing power. I really hope to see this band live one day!


But I can't go without saying a few words about the rest of the band. As you can see from the concert videos, Enemy Of Reality is not a band where the frontwoman is out in the spotlight and the musicians are grey figures in the background. You can see the harmony, the chemistry and the fact that they are a perfect unit, and it shows on the album "Where Truth May Lie".

Great work, impeccable vocals, excellent music and professional harmonies.


Label: F.Y.B. Records


1. Final Prayer

2. Downfall

3. At The Edge of Madness

4. The Vineyard Song

5. Serenade of Death

6. Ever-lusting

7. Tears of Echo

8. Long-forgotten

9. Deliverance

10. Goat-legged Deceiver

11. Baptised in Fire


Iliana Tsakiraki - vocals

Philip Stone - drums

Thanos - bass

Steelianos Amoiridis - guitars





Photo credits: Stella Mouzi


"It's great to see people embracing symphonic metal" - Interview with Iliana Tsakiraki from Enemy of Reality

Enemy of Reality was formed in Athens in 2013, after Iliana Tsakiraki, a talented singer with a beautiful voice, left Meden Agan to form her own band. On 24 February, they released their third album "Where Truth May Lie". Iliana was happy to agree to a short interview in which she talked about the new album, the music and herself.


First of all congratulations on your new album, "Where Truth May Lie" is a very dynamic and strong album. What themes inspire the band's music?

Thank you so much for your kind words! The themes that inspire our music are a mixture of personal experiences and ancient Greek concepts that we feel strongly about. We explore ideas such as truth, freedom, and self-discovery, as well as more introspective topics like overcoming personal struggles and emotional growth. Mythology is full of great ideas and symbolism, and we draw inspiration from there as well.

Tell us a little about yourself, please. When did you start playing music and singing?

I started making music and singing when I was very young, at the age of 5 i started playing the piano and then other instruments and both classical and modern singing as I was growing up. It's been a passion of mine ever since. I grew up in a family who supported me very much for doing music, so it was a natural progression for me.

We had known you before from the band Meden Agan. How did the idea to form Enemy Of Reality come about?

The idea to form Enemy Of Reality came about when I felt the need to explore a different musical direction. I wanted to create something that was unique and powerful, that blended different genres and styles in a fresh way. I reached out to some talented musicians that I knew and respected, and we started jamming together, and the rest is history!

How popular is symphonic metal in Greece? Your fans know that you are good friends with Maxi Nil from Jaded Star and Christianna from Elysion. Can you share your experiences with each other on this?

Symphonic metal is very popular in Greece, and we have a really supportive fan base here. It's great to see so many people embracing this genre and its powerful sound. I am good friends with Maxi Nil and Christianna, and we often share our experiences and thoughts on music and the industry. It's great to have a supportive network of fellow musicians to turn to.

Who are your idols, who inspire you? What bands and singers do you like to listen to the most?

I have many idols and inspirations when it comes to music, ranging from classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to symphonic metal acts like Nightwish, Within Temptation.I also love Dead can Dance. As a singer, I am particularly drawn to powerful vocalists like Ronnie James Dio, Freddie Mercury, Lisa Gerrard, Floor Jansen etc.


How do you take care of your voice?

Taking care of my voice is extremely important to me, and I make sure to do so in a variety of ways. This includes staying hydrated, warming up properly before shows, and avoiding things like smoking or excessive drinking that can harm the vocal cords.

You have been a vocal coach for a few years. What advice do you give to people who want to sing but lack the courage? How can they overcome their barriers?

I have been a vocal coach for ten years, teaching different styles. For people who want to sing but lack the courage, my advice would be to just go for it! Singing is such a beautiful and powerful form of expression, and everyone has the ability to do it. It's okay to be nervous or feel like you're not good enough, but the only way to overcome those barriers is to practice and put yourself out there.

Do you expect to go on tour with the new album in Europe?

We absolutely hope to go on tour with our new album in Europe! We are currently working on setting up some dates and are looking forward to sharing our music with fans in different countries. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on upcoming shows!







Photo credits: Stella Mouzi

Klippremier: Enemy Of Reality - Downfall


2013-ban alakult Athénban a szimfonikus metalban utazó Enemy Of Reality, élén a csodás hangú Iliana Tsakiraki énekesnővel - a hölgy korábban a Meden Agan tagjaként vált ismertté.

A zenekar 2014-ben adta ki "Rejected Gods" című debütlemezét, majd 2016-ban érkezett az "Arakhne".

Február 24-én piacra dobták harmadik albumukat, amely a "Where Truth May Lie" címet viseli. A korongról először a Serenade of Death című dalt hozta ki a csapat, két nappal ezelőtt pedig megérkezett a második videoklip, amely a Downfall című szerzeményükhöz készült. Íme!

Fabio Lione az Enemy Of Realityvel énekel

A Reflected-hez készült a videó


A csodálatos hangú, képzett operaénekesnő Iliana Tsakiraki vezette görög csapat második albuma tavaly októberben jelent meg Arakhne címmel, amelyen több vendégzenész is szerepel. A Showdown-ban a Therionban ténykedő, szintén operaéénekesnő Chiara Malvestitivel dolgoztak együtt a derék görögök, Jeff Water-szel (Annihilator) a Nouthetisisben, a Reflectedben pedig Fabio Lione (ex-Rhapsody of Fire, Angra) tűnik fel. 

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