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Exclusive interview with Ailyn

She talked about Sirenia, health and her plans!

2017. március 09. - Jurancsik Eszter

Ailyn, who was the lead singer of Sirenia from 2008 until 2016, has given our blog an excluisve interview. 

We received the shocking news in last July that you and Sirenia will go on on separate paths. How did you feel during this period and how are you now? How did you spend your days after this negative happening?



At the beginning I felt a bit lost. You know, for many years I was Sirenia's lead vocalist and from one day to another I was not their singer anymore, so it felt a bit weird when I have to add the "ex" before vocalist. When Morten told me I was out of the band I wasn't surprised at all, I saw that coming a long time before, but well, he chose to kick me out at the worst moment of my life, and I was not expecting this movement coming from a person I considered to be my friend and I thought he considered me his friend too. I guess for some people friendship is just a word without meaning and business goes first no matter who you push out of the way, so as you can imagine, at that moment I just felt very dissapointed... But honestly I have to admit that at that moment the pain I felt about losing my mom was too big so when he told me, I said ok and I didn't think much about it, I just accepted his decision. After all Sirenia is his band, not mine, as he reminded me some times before. I'm not going to lie saying everything is ok and doesn't hurt, because it does. I just wish they did it in a different way and possibly we would still be friends. I worked very hard for a band that was not even mine for almost 9 years, so when some fans send me emails to tell me "Oh look what they are saying about you", I read some of their new interviews and it's quite shocking and painful to read they say I was not doing my job for the last 3 years... I did, but Sirenia didn't have shows and as every single person in the world, I have to pay my bills, so if Sirenia didn't play that means I need to find a job cause I don't pay my bills just by saying "Hi, I'm Ailyn from Sirenia". If he as the boss and the one in charge of booking shows didn't do his job, I was forced to find a job to get some income. So after he gave me the news I just lived my life like normal. I went to work, went to my choir, my singing classes, so things were more or less like normal. I moved over :)

As far as we know, after the sudden death of your Mother, there had been problems with your diabetes. We are so sorry for the loss of your mother, please accept our condolences! Is your condition better now? 

Thank you very much for your words, that's very sweet of you and I really appreciate it <3
Yes, when my mom died I got sick, my blood sugar got very unstable and I felt quite bad. But I'm ok. It was just the first weeks until I could make my blood sugar go back to normal. The diabetes is an illness that is very connected to the feelings, so many times is very tricky to control. The reason why I cancelled the show with Sirenia was not my diabetes, at the beginning the pain was so hard that I could not even sing, my voice didn't respond and of course I was not feeling strong enough to be on the stage without breaking up. Sirenia just used my illness as a fake excuse to get rid of me. If they were so concerned about my health they could have called me and ask me how I feel instead of doing everything on my back. Now because of their fake version everyone thinks I'm dying and I can't do my job anymore, so I'm having some problems because of that. I had diabetes since I was 7 years old and as thousands of people with the same illness I know how to live with it, we live a normal life and we work as hard as everyone else on our jobs, some times we feel worse and some times we feel better but we keep fighting. I never denied I had some issues while being on Sirenia, but I always fight and keep moving with my best smile giving the 100%. I've been on stage feeling great and other times not feeling so good on my stomatch and none noticed it and after the show, instead of running back to the backstage to drink and rest, I went out with the audience to give them the attention they deserve and went backstage when everyone was happy and had the chance to talk or get a picture or a hug!!! Sirenia say they didn't had shows and I didn't do my job for the last 3 years because of my illness??? Well, they forgot to mention some important details, like when I talked with my doctor and made him delay for a few months a very important eye surgery until summer 2015 because Sirenia had no shows that summer, or when I put on my high heels when my foot was not completely recovered after I broke it. I've been there always when Sirenia needed me to be and never said no to a show he booked. If that is not giving 100% I don't know what they want. I think they should move over and stop making things up about me, I'm not insulting them or making people hate them, I'm being very polite and I'm just defending myself, so as soon as they move over and stop saying certain things about me, the sooner I can stop defending myself and everyone will stop talking about it.


Many fans know about your diabetes, how do you manage to stay in shape? Does this require frequent medical examinations? When did you found out and which type has been diagnosed?

I have diabetes Type 1 since I'm 7 years old. That comes from my father's side, he had diabetes, my grandmother had diabetes and my dad's sister have it too. Normally it's an inherited disease.
To have diabetes requires to be more careful with everything you do. But I always had a normal life. I have to go to my controls every now and then to make sure everything is ok. If it's not, of course I need to go to the doctor more often. As longer you live together with diabetes, more chances you have to get some complications. As you all know I've had eye surgery on both my eyes and now everything seems to be more or less ok. I'm not going to pretend my health is 100% perfect, because it's not. I'm 34 years old and I lived with it for many years now. But I still have too many years to live my life fully and I'm not going to give up with my dreams. I chose to be a singer when I was very young and I'll be a singer as long as I can. Singing is what makes me happy. My doctor is one of the people that actually is encouraging me to keep going and fighting for what I want, cause he knows that singing makes me happy and when I'm happy my illness is easier to control. So I'm not letting anyone make me feel I'm not worthy just because I'm not 100% healthy.




We heard in January that you have been asked by Melted Space to fill the position of Clémentine Delauney during the Wacken Winter Nights. How did they choose you and was this request accepted well? Did you feel good during this gig?

As many of you know, I had a collaboration on Melted Space's last album, singing on 3 songs on "The Great Lie". When Pierre Le Pape was composing the album and he contacted me for proposing me to be the character Titania "the Fairy Queen" on the album, I didn't know them. But then I accepted and after I went to Paris to record my songs I became good friends with him and François which is who produced the album.
Honestly I had a great time! I travelled some days before to meet the entire band and have some rehearsals before the Wacken Winter Nights. They treated me like one of them since the beginning so that made me feel like I knew them for a long time. I really had a lot of fun with them, but besides all the fun they are very professional on what they do. I hope I can join them some other time :)

The news of a solo project of yours have been around lately. If this is true, what kind of music album can we expect?

Yes, it is true, I'm working on something, but right now is a bit difficult to describe what kind of music it will be. I'm focusing on the vocal melodies and lyrics. I have a lot of ideas. As I said I'm going to take my time on this, I don't want to run and make something bad just because I want to release a cd as soon as possible. I want to do a good job, maybe people will like it or not, but I'm going to try my best. I still don't know if it will be a solo project or I'll make a band, there's too many things to fix first before I can give some details :)


How do you imagine your carreer in the future?

Honestly, I don't know :). I just want to make music and be on stage. I think I say it many times. I like the studio part, but what I really like is to be on the stage. Singing and sharing that time with the people who goes to the shows. So if I have to imagine myself on the future, I see myself on stages, I don't know if they are big stages or small ones, I just want to be up there doing music.

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